Juan David Morgan

Between Honor and the Sword

Penguin Random House, 2022

London, 1685. Captain Morgan initiates a trial that seeks to clear his name after being defamed by a publication that chronicled his adventures in America. The testimonials go on which becomes the vehicle for the reader to discover how his raids consolidated the conquest of Jamaica and peaked in the taking of Panama. The leader of the English privateers accumulates wealth, recognition and women as he achieves many victories, but success is not always bound to honor and his tactics become questioned by many.

 Sir Henry Morgan not only faced the ravages of war, he also had to deal with the vagaries of English politics, on the one hand making peace treaties with Spain and, on the other, allowing the attacks in the Caribbean in order to seize the rich Spanish treasures.

An extraordinary historical novel based on a true story that portrays a controversial figure and simultaneously leads to a captivating journey through the ports and cities of the Caribbean.


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