Juan David Morgan

Fugitives from the Landscape

Novel,  Alfagurara, 2023

The start of the twentieth century is also the beginning of this fascinating story about families relocating to foreign lands, where some will become rooted forever while others will just settle to live a dull existence in their new habitat because their soul did not travel with them. Detailed descriptions, romances, political disputes, disappointments, triumphs and tragedies intertwine in a novel that looks more like a chronicle of the lives and nostalgia of so many people whose destiny made them either fugitives from or prisoners of the landscape.



“Fugitives from the Landscape is a dialogue with the past; a fabled story of a prominent Panamanian family  written through their memories with the imagination of the author being the most sensitive form of knowledge and an infinite matrix that creates the most universal of realities: that of affections and loyalties. In the story, individual destinies are intertwined with the future of a country that timidly arrives in modern times. The author possesses an authentic narrative vocation; while reading the words we feel the warm voice of oral memory.  His spontaneity is relevant which is essential to the story, while the intensity of evoked feelings promote the crucial identification with the characters.”

Ricardo A. Ríos T. – Writer. University Professor of Literature

“It is a novel that captures well what Hemingway stated: “Writers should know as much about things as they do about words”. And this is what happens in Fugitives from the Landscape, literary mastery of the art of storytelling, with solid information of the rural landscape of the highlands of Chiriqui and knowledge of nature and its characters. It is not simply another book in the narrative repertoire of Panamanian novels. It is the great work of a seasoned author, with the vibration of a universalism that comes from of a well-expressed and understood regional circumstance.”

José Franco – Writer.  Literature University Professor

“The story is divided into two parts. The first collects all the longings of the author for the simple, bucolic life of the countryside, while his thorough research frames the historical events that changed the life of a hard working family, in this case, the Thomas family. The second part, which hurries its pace, perhaps emulating the pace at which the capital was progressing, brings us back to appreciate how captivating the first part is, recreating precisely those landscapes and longed for customs.”

Mariela Sagel – Architect and literary critic

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