Juan David Morgan

Gaudí’s Silence

Planeta, 2018

Manuel Otaño, a Basque Jesuit who works for the Vatican, returns to Barcelona to oversee the development of the works of the Sagrada Familia. The old city is in full dispute over the route of the AVE, which threatens to damage the structure of the most ambitious project of Antoni Gaudí, which could force the Pope Benedict XVI to take action on the matter. From that moment, Otaño will be involved in a plot with unexpected repercussions and that reaches a frenzied pace when a character named Valera comes into play- willing to do anything to sabotage the suburban stretch of the AVE, the Pope’s personal secretary, a former terrorist seeking revenge and an enigmatic green eyed architect who feels very attracted to the Jesuit.

 Novel that combines today’s most passionate reality with eternal themes, Gaudí’s Silence is a fascinating read about an immortal architect.


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