Juan David Morgan

The Poets’ Rebellion

Novel. Alfaguara, 2018

Antonio Solana, the new director of Culture and Fine Arts, as well as a relative of the first lady, intends to bring to fruition the poetic tour that will rescue lost values among young people. The good intentions of Solana, Proverbio González, the deputy director, and the poets of the program “De vuelta al Parnaso” are trapped in the networks of politicians and corruption. The only way out is to rebel in order to be heard through a cultural coup de etat. 


“A great plot twist on the part of the writer. A decent way to protest. It mixes irony and satire efficiently. Detailed prose with good rhythm. He keeps you interested in the plot. It is easy to read and shows good handling of proverbs.”

Tirza Stagg. Union Club Reading Circle

“In La rebelión de los poetas, Juan David Morgan is an accurate critic of his time, where he handles language through the representation of a Latin American problem giving the reader an easy conception of the novel while managing to distance himself in order to incite an even more enriched discussion, not from the pragmatics of politics, but from the black humor that Morgan maintains by giving special privilege to the expressions of his characters. This is where the power of La rebelión de los poetas lies: by provoking perfectly structured dialogues between the characters, the narrator sets up a scenario that is difficult to objectify but maintains that unique possibility of delivering judgment based on the subjective: “what is happening, it’s real.” We could simply say that surrealism is more real than ever but laid out on the idiomatic expressions of its characters. These expressions are the ones that enrich the novel and, although it cannot be considered an experimental one, it contributes to the creation of collective rather than anonymous heroes, which allows us to speak of an extraordinary narrator.

With a lot of trade and, above all, as an avid poem reader and connoisseur of poets, Juan David Morgan offers us a satirical novel that represents a turn in his literary production. The clean prose and the good narrative rhythm serve the author to denounce, with sharp doses of black humor, the little importance that most Latin American countries give to culture, and of course, to the fierce poetry and post-poetics observations where out of the sudden we, as readers, feel as if we were floating.”

Rodrigo Castillo. Literary Lobster

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