Juan David Morgan

The Poets´ Rebellion

Short stories, Universal Books, Panama, 2001

The Poets´Rebellion is the title of one of eleven short stories in this volume. In this selection of short stories, some unpublished for a long time, other more recent written, the author evens with splendid literary quality his already well-known novelistic expertise. In “Rise of the Poets”; there is no thematic unity, not even a uniform structure: each story is a universe in itself, with authorship being the only common element.


“It is not easy for a novelist to venture into the mysterious land of the story, because it is not a matter of length but of accuracy. A long story is not a novel, nor a short novel a story. Although they might have similar genres they differ in structure and in framework with different techniques needed to master each, and not always the novelist succeeds in articulating a story that impacts the reader due to its unity, strength and conclusion of the story. Jorge Thomas, however, evens in this collection of stories his well-known novelistic expertise.”

Dr. Jorge Eduardo Ritter
Lawyer, member of the Panamanian Academy of Language, former Foreign Minister and former Minister of the Panama Canal, Panama

“The issues raised by some of his stories have the devastating power of reasoned softness; while others, the ones that did not need a transcendental subject to exist, have enough grace to make bitter Olafo laugh, or enough poetry to move Mono triste (an inmate who you will get to know because he is twice caught in the book). The Poets´Rebellion contains eleven stories that you may classify as they make you sigh, deeply meditate or laugh.”

Ernesto Endara Panamanian writer. Winner of the Ricardo Miró National Literature award in the genres of Story, Novel, Essay and Theater.

“The narrative of Jorge Thomas has brought us four excellent historical novels so far, all the product of endless hours of research and imagination. Now he surprises us with a collection of short stories in which the narrator has managed to become immersed with the problems that overwhelm and challenge the ability of humans to adapt to a changing world and yet survive without losing hope. All of this punctuated by a fine sense of humor, a smile behind the smile, a see you tomorrow that might even promise a better world, but without assurances that the characters will be able to accomplish this.”

Rosa María Britton – Writer. Doctor of Medicine

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