Juan David Morgan

The Verdict

Theater, co-author Ernesto Endara, Universal Books Press, Panama, 2003

At the narrowest part of Panama, only 80 kilometers separate the world’s two largest oceans. The desire to connect them made the United States of America want to sign a treaty with our country, which would ensure control of a territorial strip, and of the canal itself, in perpetuity. In exchange, they would recognize the independence of Panama by supporting it with the presence of their powerful ships. The maneuvers of the shrewd character named Bunau-Varilla reinforced Teddy Roosevelt’s conviction that the route through Panama was the best. What did Bunau-Varilla gain with his efforts? With the signing of the Treaty, 40 million would be distributed among the last partners of the French Canal Company and Bunau Varilla was one of them. This work aims to initiate (or end) a century old debate about the innocence or guilt of our first Panamanian ambassador to the United States. The verdict lies at the hands of the reader.


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