Juan David Morgan

The Whispers

Planeta, 2016

Ignacio de la Torre, one of the most important Panamanian businessmen disappears without a trace at the same time that an accusation of pedophilia is published against him. Although his body was never found, a judge declares him dead. His son Fernando, heir to the empire, has continued his legacy of success; his wealth and power knowing no boundaries.  Still, there is something bothering him: his father’s shadow as well as neither knowing if his death was real or faked, nor whether he committed the crime for which he was charged or not.

After ten years, the family stability begins to crumble when a photograph of a man eerily resembling Ignacio surfaces. Suspicions seem to be getting confirmation; the fortune of Fernando de la Torre appears to be in danger.

Amid the doubts and intrigue, the renowned family name is at stake, as well as the comforts all its members have enjoyed in the absence of Ignacio. Is he still alive? Could he have committed such a heinous crime?


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