Juan David Morgan

Twilight of the Innocents

Planeta, 2018

The news of an attack, the kind that appears daily in the media, unleashed an investigative report that reveals a world of corruption, intrigue, denunciations, criminal organizations and political conspiracies that generate and hide heartbreaking human dramas.

Juan David Morgan, with a name grounded in the historical novel engages in the detective novel that so successfully cultivated George Simenon, creator of Inspector Maigret. Twilight of the Innocents proposes, as is so common in this genre, a plot unnecessarily complicated: it is rather a story- such as life- full of love and betrayal, plot twists, heroism and cowardice, leaving the reader the feeling of having witnessed a story that might well have been, or will be, real in the future. A thriller with a high probability of becoming a historical novel in the future.


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