About Juan David Morgan

The youngest of Eduardo Morgan and Benigna  Gonzalez’ six children, Juan David Morgan was born on April 6th, 1942 in the city of David, Chiriqui, in the Republic of Panama. In the country’s capital, Panama City, he finished high school at Colegio Javier, a school run by Jesuits priests graduating first in his class. From a young age, encouraged by a very artistic family, he showed interest in literature, music and singing…

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"An entertaining and fun talk on cultural issues among accomplices of the arts."

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“Juan David Morgan has the authentic narrative vocation through reading, transmitting the warm voice of oral memory, giving special relevance to his spontaneity and that is the substance of the story, as well as the intensity of feeling which promotes the essential identification with his characters.”

José Franco - Panamanian poet and writer

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