Juan David Morgan

Daniel’s Death

Novel.  Planeta, 2021.

Sunday, November 27, 2017. Daniel Puentes, a journalist for the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, is found dead in his hotel room in Madrid. At around two in the morning, the coroner established the cause of death to be a heart attack and ordered the body’s removal and transfer to the morgue. Swiftly, the inspector in charge communicates with the newspaper, which in turn delivers the terrible news to the deceased’s sister. Anabela, a partner at an important law firm in Lima, wastes no time and takes the next flight in order to repatriate her brother’s body…

Without having fully assimilated the news, Anabela arrives in Spain, where a colleague of Daniel shares her suspicions that perhaps the death was not natural and could be related to his work as a journalist…..The world had recently been made aware of an scandal related to tax evasion and off-shore business where politicians, businessmen, celebrities and even athletes were implicated, known as the Panama Papers. Anabela knows that her brother was involved in the investigation, but to what extent? Helped by a private detective, Anabela will try to discover the truth while she is haunted by the memories of a brother she thought she knew and whose death has turned him into a perplexing enigma.


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